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Ostblock Rekords proudly announces:
Austrian electroacoustic musician Peter Seher has completed creative work for his CD “Inleben“ earlier this year.
Almost ten years of composing, adapting, improving and mastering have found an outstanding end: “Inleben” is an electroacoustic work showing Peter Seher’s talents in many respects.

Peter charm – inleben [‚inleben‘ review by the ‚music information center austria‘ translation:
‚google‘ (ger/engl/arab/ger/engl)]

It is a design slightly different music with Peter , the charms on his album “ inleben “ (History of the Eastern bloc) facing the audience. With semi – musical stories break the traditional systems are more avant-garde sound and sound – collages, because each piece regulator that they are heard . “ Inleben “ is the largest of adding music , a good approximation to the phenomenon of non-traditional perspective. Peter Charm calls on your listening habits and other special categorisable not really open . Displays the album on 10 June in Vienna Rhiz local network .

Peter Lange worked her charm for his plays and in the development process often rejected the idea, again and magic , as appropriate. Who works sound processor and only partly to do with the traditional musical . Melodies , harmonies or any rhythmic structures found in electric and acoustic design, apart from a number of other “ suffering ` s Seherman “ , not really. If so, then the definition set clues to the width of it and access to the absolute silence on electronic tricks non- traditional to avant-garde and experimental Adventure low noise somewhere in the universe.

Peter magic shows to expand all incessantly as master of creating such spaces . Generated data of the electronic equipment and field recordings and acoustic instruments and vocals sounds and noises form the solar system and the events that happen once since it was bright and clear vanish in the infinite . Identifies you to pieces , and at some point , it feels like a part of the whole, almost like standing in the monitoring role of the astronomers in the middle of the action.

Ask for stylistic positioning within the category of private musical outdated Basically they are moving things it’s very easily created outside the usual norms of the musical organization. Has its own style , “ inleben “ his form of expression and movement consciously break with every musical . Although it is not easy , with the material that comes from, but certainly more intense and closer to a deal, but the animation to deal with it. ( Tons )

orig. review: http://www.musicaustria.at/magazin/jazz-improvisierte-musik/artikel-berichte/peter-seher-inleben

translation by Robin Lee (germ/engl): www.porzellandland.net/?page_id=154